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Small Urban Infill

How it might work ... A small urban infill site becomes available following the relocation of a small garage and associated warehouse. It is a long linear site, partially contaminated and situated within the centre of an historic city. It is constrained in height and visual impact by the adjacent town walls and the surrounding Victorian retail and residential properties.
While not considered as a strategic site, it is suitable for the provision of self-build plots and is seen as an attractive way of financially supporting affordable housing as part of the development. Under public ownership, it is available for restricted market sale as there are expectations that it can meet wider policy expectations for small business development with a focus on the creative industries. The local authority recognise the importance for indigenous economic growth and sustainability for supporting exemplary approaches to both home-working and live-work opportunities within their city.

small urban infill

The approach to supported self-build will require the design of an outline scheme that addresses all site-specific issues with due diligence. Ideally these should be fully serviced with sustainable energy systems included from the outset. Design quality and sustainable standards will be maintained by a local design code and regulating plan produced as part of the outline planning application for the site and forms the conditions for dealing with reserve matters with a high degree of confidence with the local planning authority. The planning requirements mean the need for technical support at the early pre-planning stages of the development.

york gate urban infill canvas works

Brownfiled industrial site within historic city centre location, York. Live Work scheme for creative industries and SMEs in the east end of Newcastle upon Tyne.

Woodburn Nursery Darlington

Capacity study for small scale brownfield site in Darlington.