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Rural Community

How it might work ... A rural local authority has provided political leadership with the initiation and support for neighbourhood planning and community land trusts. This directly follows policy recommendations of and support through the national network of Rural Housing Enablers [RHEs]. They consider that community led projects, with affordable housing as essential social infrastructure for rural communities.
Their view is that one of the biggest challenges for maintaining sustainable rural and village communities remains one of affordability that can be addressed primarily from community based housing solutions with community land trusts becoming part of the mainstream housing provision. As an indication of their commitment, the authority have agreed to initially enable and support a new community land trust with information, advice and creative funding, particularly with innovative means of using land within the statutory planning system.

rural community

The site initially identified within the neighbourhood planning exercise is linked to potential provision of viable small-holdings suitable for intensive agricultural production and processes. This is most likely to be achieved with networking and support for intentional communities with shared work and processing facilities linked to co-housing and self build opportunities. There is some potential for additional financial support from DEFRA. Accordingly, the proposed site will be marketed as self-build plots with already secured outline planning consent to reduce the risk and to lower the entry level for this sector. The land secured through deferred consideration in an offer that referred to assumed social value benefits; including improvements to healthy eating and exercise, social inclusion, improved environmental awareness and skills development; in addition to the long-term financial return.

Hermitage Hexham

Privately owned rural estate with outbuildings and associated land in the Tyne Valley.

rural rotherham

South Yorkshire Grade 1 listed rural estate property with extensive grounds and gardens in need of major repairs.