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People & Networks

Find out about our board and associates.


joanne carrJoanne Carr is interested in health and housing including the links between social / low cost housing, affordable warmth and fuel poverty interventions. She works on business development at Mental Health North East, consortium development for Health and Well Being in Durham County and potential for responders' to Warmth North East. A former director of business development at National Energy Action, she is currently a board members for The Gateshead Housing Company and Body Positive North East.

Andy GrahamAndy Graham is an urban designer and heritage professional with a planning background. He has substaintial experience within public and private sectors providing design and heritage advice, masterplanning work, expert witness at appeals and championing good design that is ultimately sustainable in the widest possible sense. He is an affiliate member of the IHBC and is a strong advocate for heritage led regeneration and the analysis and understanding of places. He is also the founder of TheUrbanGlow an online education tool for communities, professionals and anyone else interested in the built environment.

james hartleyJames Hartley is a project coordinator with Latch (Leeds Action to Create Homes) and brings extensive experience of reuse and retrofitting projects that bring underused or abandoned property back into use. He has hands-on skills in managing sustainable refurbishment projects, working with and up-skilling unemployed construction trainees, and acting as on-site clerk of works. Indeed, 'Hands On' is Latch's community training workshop providing short beginner's courses in practical skills, such as DIY, joinery, plastering, insulation and plumbing.

martin hulseMartin Hulse is a project manager with a background in estate management, urban regeneration and the implementation of public art. Martin is a former Director of the Cockburn Association, specialist with One NorthEast and the North of England Civic Trust and currently the Secretary of the Tyne and Wear Building Preservation Trust. He brings his expertise in the delivery of physical projects such as procurement, , inclusive design, energy performance and other areas within the sustainability agenda. As a director of public art consultancy, Grit & Pearl, he also knows a little bit about creative and cultural project management.

Delton JacksonDelton Jackson is an urban designer dedicated to creating places people like, which work well, and where people can live well indefinitely. Working in the public & private sector to improve the quality of development at all scales, he also has many years experience supporting national and international design organisations and agencies. The interests and well-being of community and the environment provide the focus and motivation for his work.

Andy Stephenson

Andy Stephenson is a specialist in energy services with a focus on community energy, scheme financing and tackling fuel poverty. He has worked with housing associations and local communities on reducing energy consumption through appropriate methods including renewable technologies. He has successfully been in involved in the delivery of schemes which have had positive effects on people’s health and well-being and worked closely with the North East Strategic Health Authority on embedding fuel poverty within their service provision.


mark barlowMark Barlow is a practicing architect based in Leeds and Middlesbrough with a professional focus on innovation and affordable design solutions for sustainable urban regeneration, refurbishment & remodelling of all building types. He has expertise in new and retrofitting social housing, together with close working connections with local supply chains. He likes nothing more that a complex and challenging brief from an every-changing client group.

stephen boyleStephen Boyle is an experienced urban regeneration and community development professional. A former Chief Regeneration Officer for the City of Leeds he is committed to collaborative projects and maintains an up-to-date knowledge of community development working process, partnership arrangements and funding opportunities.

Alan CharltonAlan Charlton is a facilitator for Community Led Planning who supports communities interested in utilising asset based community development approaches to developing and delivering their own resilient and sustainable solutions. He is experienced in local food systems, community energy and eco co-housing. He is a former Local Strategic Partnership Manager and works with Transition Towns Initiatives on developing and implementing Reconomy Project.

Paul ChattertonPaul Chatterton is a geographer interested in campaigning skills, techniques and urban social movements; and alternative models for development, looking at the potential for self-management. He teaches on Activism and Social Change and Autonomous Geographies exploring the ways in which social activists and community groups are developing self-managed models for organising social and economic life beyond the welfare state. He is the driver behind a number of grassroots projects in Leeds like the Common Place social centre and LILAC (Low Impact Living Affordable Community).

Aidan Oswell is an economist specialising in social hosuing and communtiy development. Based in Ashington with Portland Community Regeneration, he is also an lecturer on development economics for both Newcastle and Northumbria Universities and sits on the board of Isos Housing.

Legal & Finance

Property and legal services are supported by Wrigleys Solicitors LLP, 19 Cookridge Street, Leeds LS2 3AG, 0113 204 5721

Accountany services by Barkess & Co, Stockton Business Centre, 70-74 Brunswick Street, Stockton-on-Tees TS18 1DW