Community Build North

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A new regional Community Land Trust for Yorkshire and the North East of England.

Properties & Development Sites

We can help with the identification of properties and sites that are suitable for Community-led development. Find out about our ideas for a range of different typologies of sites, large and small, urban and rural, and how they have been tested in detail.

Funding & Finance

Finding the right approach to project finance.

Professional & Technical Aid

We are able to provide a range of professional project support for community groups and organisations seeking to undertake their own development, including acting as a development agent and project manager on your behalf.

People & Networks

We are a mixed bunch of professionals and activitists with a shared interest in making and delivering high quality sustainable places that are affordable and grounded in community interests and ownership.

Resources & Contacts

Find out more about the background of the CLT, how to contact us and some useful resources.

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Community Build North is a new regional Community Land Trust for Yorkshire & the North East of England. Registered offices 31-39 High Bridge, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 1EW.

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